An Interview About Making Money Online

Ever wondered how online business works? Well, no one can answer that better than Anthony Smith. If you’ve been looking for answers or some motivation to start making money online, listening to an expert who has been there will give you all the answers you need.Probably, you’ve come across this name somewhere and may have heard or read how Anthony was able to turn an online platform into a money-making machine.

The question is, have you been reading or hearing the truth? Here you will get a chance to listen to Anthony himself who is, one of the most talented online money makers on the planet.You will get an opportunity to know almost everything from his background in online money making to how he got to the top. With that noted, let's jump straight to the interview and hear what he has to say about his success.

Question – I will start by thanking you for accepting to share with us your experience through this interview, Mr. Anthony Smith. Can you please tell us what motivated you to start working online to make money?

Answer – Thanks a lot, James Wilson for offering me this opportunity. Once in my lifetime, I was just like any other regular worker out there who isn’t satisfied with the salary he or she is getting. I must say, this frustrated me a lot. I even thought of looking for a second job, which wasn’t a good idea since I was working till late hours. Lucky for me, this didn’t come to happen.

One day when I was searching for a job online, I came across an article titled, how to make money at home. The post talked about selling products online, freelance writing, blogging and more. It is at this point that my mind changed. I realized that making some extra cash when working or not is easy than I thought at first. Since I’m also a great painter, I realized I could create some artworks and sell them online. And that was my starting point.

Question – I came across some article claiming, you had a hard time selling your stuff at first. Can you please explain to us some of the things that hindered you from doing so and how you overcame them?

Answer – At first, I thought that making money online by selling stuff was just creating some good artwork and posting them online. I noticed that there are many websites out there that were also selling artworks, some of which were better than mine. And this made it almost impossible for me to get my stuff out there, but I didn’t give up.I came to realize later that to outdo my rivals out there; I had to take my marketing strategy a notch higher. So, I started by signing up for several social networks including Facebook and Twitter. And before one week was over, I was getting calls from all parts of the country.

Question – I guess you’ve come across many other people who are trying to make money online by doing what you did. After reading your story, they get excited. Unfortunately, not all of them have a hard time getting to where you are today. In fact, a larger percentage of them give up in the middle. What kind of mistakes do you think they are making? What do you think they are not doing right?

Answer – One thing every person must remember is that online money making is all about patience. One fact is, it may take even a year to start earning real money. But this also depends on the quality of your content. The point is, you can’t be too hasty with any business and that includes online money making.

Other common mistake many people make include, not planning well. Keep in mind; without the right plan, it is easy to get stuck in the middle and even give up.Another common mistake many people do is, underestimating the power of marketing. Many want to sell their products fast without customers. In fact, that was one of the mistakes that made it harder for me to succeed.

Also, just like any other business, making money online, requires one to give customers what satisfies their needs and you can’t achieve that easily without listening to your clients.Lastly, you can’t make big money online faster without your website. Even though selling stuff on sites such as eBay and Amazon may work, you are never in direct contact with your customers making it harder for you to address the most critical needs.

Once you are aware of the product or service want to offer, I would suggest that you create a business website, add some good content and most importantly, use every channel to increase and convert the traffic.

Question – Are there any particular tool you use that you would suggest for other new entrepreneurs who want get more customers?

Answer – When it comes to using an online platform to sell products or services, nothing is more important than having the desired traffic. But what good is high traffic if your conversion rate is low? Clearly, none. The good news is, the internet offers us a lot of tools that can help us increase as well as convert the traffic to real customers.

For starters with websites, I would suggest Google Analytics. This tool does not only help increase the traffic but also help track conversions and most importantly, allows you to segment all your data to improve your traffic.

Question - What does a typical day look like for you?

Answer - For me, a typical day is a working day. I wake up every morning, and the first thing I can think of is going online. Maybe it is because, I don't want to miss anything, especially feedback from my customers. More often, I have to work 3 to 4 hours a day which is not that bad compared to when I was employed, but even this makes me one of the busiest online workers you can find on the market.

Even when I'm not working, you will always find me online, on Facebook or Twitter. What I like about it is that I don't have to force myself. I work at my own convenient time and the best part, I am my boss.

Question – Last but not least. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Which is your number one secret to getting more customers?

Answer – The truth is, I value social media more than everything. Clearly, everyone is on Twitter or Facebook nowadays, many people are window shopping and buying stuff online, and the best part, internet enabled devices are almost everywhere around the globe.

How many people do you think will ignore your Ad when it appears on the pages of up to 1.86 billion Facebook users? Besides, many people around the world are already looking for your product, and it is likely that they will click on your Ad the moment it appears on their social media pages. So, my advice is, never underestimate the importance of social media marketing.


As you've heard from the online money-making genius himself, making money online isn't as hard as it seems. But just like any other business, it requires you to put in more effort to start earning something real. To learn more tricks about making money online, sign up for James Wilson's Newsletters today.

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