My Paying Ads Review 2017: Legit or scam?

Name: My paying Ads


Price: Free to as much as they can get from you

Overall Rating: Legit

Wish to Join MPA program, Prior to View My Paying Ads Inspection 2017 by Online Home Income, Earn Cash throughProfit sharing.Make Money blog tip always dedicated in advocating only real online programs to Make Money and here we Keep our work in advocating a sustainable program called My Paying Advertising. In the next segment -- My Paying Advertising Review 2017 -- I will discuss my own knowledge in this program and upgrade my own results and advancement.

What is My Paying Ads?​

​MPA are an Internet Ad Space selling website with features like Text Ads, Banners, Login Ads, PTC Advertising etc..You can Use this app to publicize your product or brand on the internet to all members of this website.

​My Paying Advertising is a Viral Promotion solution network Based since Mar 2015 from Uday Nara(an Indian Citizen)settled in Singapore. It enables Webmasters for direct targeted visitors to their own internet business. I also joined as amember 50000/- and much more) and still making decent earnings every month.

​How it works?

My Paying Advertising is a viral marketing website that provides high excellent visitors to your advertisements placed in their website. Their principle Company was selling advertising spaces.They supply Revenue sharing on every Ad pack that a webmaster or a advertiser bought on their website.

It provides two Way advantages to the advertisers and website owner. Each strategy was thoughtfully prepared keeping in mind long term Sustainability with constant and innovative income to each of their associates.

Features included within their app which lays a solid foundation to make money without anxiety.As a advertiser or a webmaster, you will be benefited in following ways:

Cheap, affordable targeted high traffic delivered to your program,

Custom price offers,

Quick traffic in a shorter span,

Traffic from members and non-members.

AS a member, you will be benefited as:

Revenue sharing program that earns you 120% upon your investment,

$5 Minimum Cashout via Payza, Bitcoin payments,

Ad Pack starting from $5 to $50,

Guaranteed 120% Returns on your investment,

Earn from Paid to click ads,

10% Referral commissions for all your referral activity.

How to Join?

Just complete this enrollment form and receive your login information immediately after finishing.

Login to your accounts Dash and begin working to make money.

Open the email and Click the confirmation email to Verify your email ID.

Input your Last name and First name, Payza Mail ID(Open Payza accounts), Username and password to this accountAnd eventually Accept for their stipulations.

Now, Click Register button.

How to Earn Money from My Paying Ads:

As a member you can earn money in three ways through this program.

1.) Earn money by viewing PTC ads (CashLinks).

2.) Participate in Revenue Sharing Program

3.) Earn money through Referral Program.

​1.) Earn money by viewing PTC ads

When you login into your accounts, concentrate over the left side bar and locate the connection "Cash Links". Click on the button will takeOne into the landing page.

There you may observe the total available number of ads to click and see daily. In the bottom of each Advertisement, there's a button "Click here to make".

Advertisement you're seeing in the browser to get 10 -- 20 minutes.

2.) Participate in Revenue sharing program

In a nut shell, to make more income daily from this program would be to take part in Revenue sharing application. It'stough Yet a very simple procedure for buying Ad packs daily or on entire world.

For every advertisement pack you're buying you'll get 120 percent more from everything you spent in buying ad package.

For EX: If you buy 1 Ad-Pack of 5 Worth you'll get $6. 1$ extra benefit will be deposited right into your There are four Ad-Pack plans available currently starting from $5 and here I mention those details below.

Ad-Pack Plan 1:
Cost of Ad-Pack: $5
Income you receive: $6
Banner Credits: 2
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 100
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active Ad-Packs one can have: 100
For this plan, Membership is not required.

Ad-Pack Plan 2:
Cost of Ad-Pack: $10
Income you receive: $12
Banner Credits: 4
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 200
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active Ad-Packs one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Explorer membership. The cost would be $10.

Ad-Pack Plan 3:
Cost of Ad-Pack: $25
Income you receive: $30
Banner Credits: 10
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 500
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active Ad-Packs one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Professional membership. The cost would be $30.

Ad-Pack Plan 4:
Cost of Ad-Pack: $50
Income you receive: $60
Banner Credits: 20
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1000
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active Ad-Packs one can have: Unlimited
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Elite membership. The cost would be $60.

Eligibility to participate in revenue sharing program:
1.) Members should buy an Ad-Pack
2.) Then, you Must login to your Accounts after in Each 24Hrs and Browse atleast 10 Sites in their Own Traffic
exchange module.

Maintain your accounts into Surf Free Mode to get earnings from revenue sharing That’s in the Ad-Packs you

Bought. Gain sharing is dispersed each hour to each of Ad-Pack you bought based on the total earnings on that

particular hour. You Ad-Pack will get earnings until it evolves at 120%.

Elite Members never needed to buy Explorer and Skilled membership Each Month and continue to Buy

Ad-Packs from all programs.

3.) Earn money through referral program

In Case you still not Confident with the sustainability of This program, you can continue to Make from My Millionaire
Advertisements via


Referral program.

A bonus based program that provides 10% referral commission on each Ad-Pack purchase made from the guide

Referrals (just Level 1).) It takes no investment and much more time to receive referrals.


Referrals for such program here. Spend just a little time to understand what are these ways?


Up to Now so good, My Paying Ads have ready their app together with long term sustainability and extended term with

Progressive earnings to all their associates and for 100 percent certain that you can make money at this system. When
you hunt for

My Paying Ads inspection in Google that you will find all the outcomes to be great that affirms their program.

My Paying Ads strategy:

I personally propose my very best strategy which is appropriate for me.

Ad-Pack out of Plan 1.

Subsequently login daily (each 24Hrs) to browse atleast 10 site in their own traffic swap module to maintain your
accounts in surf

Free manner. Then just you Ad-Pack will be qualified to get earnings from profit sharing.

Continue to buy more Ad-Packs if your account balance reaches $5 (Getting equilibrium + Commission

Balance). Mean time, keep a watch and note down your Everyday income each 24Hrs place a Goal for example $25
daily and

Until don’t cash out but keep re-purchasing Ad-Packs.

Once your table reveals daily earnings of 25, then begin out cash daily and utilize the remaining balance to buy greater

And much more Ad-Packs in greater amounts also. signup

— Low Investment starting from $5 to purchase an Ad-Pack from Plan 1.
— Minimum cash out of $5 via Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Bitcoins.
— Maximum $200 cash out every day.
— Genuine, Honest admin with very long term sustainable program.

MPA started since Mar- 2015 and at the end of the year with problems in processing cash outs via PayPal MPA ceased
to operate. But with continuous efforts, Uday Nara had re-started the program as MPA-2 with new features and benefits
to earn money more for their members.signup


STEP 1: Login to your MPA account and click Purchase AdPack

STEP 2: A new will open and Scroll a little to find the button Setup a New Banner Ad

STEP 3: A form will be shown. Enter all details such as Banner Size, Title of the Banner, URL of the Banner, Affiliate
link you want to promote. After entering all these details, click “Add New”. Refer Image Below

Now that’s all, your Banner Setup was completed. Now you are eligible to purchase Ad-Packs to start receving earnings
from profit sharing.

If you want to purchase Ad-Pack you need to surf three banner ads. Refer the above image and complete the task. Now
click the Purchase AdPack Button to start purchasing.

In the next screen, you have to work with care. Just follow the steps as per the image below.
1.) Choose “Earning Balance + Commission Balance”
2.) And select Option “Use Commission Balance First” because you cannot able to withdraw balance in there so only I
am saying.
3.) Choose Payment Processor as “Payza” (use preferred processor as your own wish, but I suggest Payza)
4.) Enter the number of Ad-Packs you want to buy.
5.) Agree to their terms and conditions
6.) Now click PAYNOW button to purchase Ad-Pack.

If you are purchasing for the first time, you want to pay from Payza. So instead of choosing “Earning Balance +
Commission Balance” , choose “Cash Balance” and rest are same in the process.
When can I withdraw funds?

Whenever you reach minimum of $5 in your Earning Balance you can request withdraw througha any of the Payment
Processors. You can find the withdraw button in your account overview section. All payments will be processed within
24 Hrs and you will be paid in the requested processors immediately.


It is certainly not Wonder bread and The Brady Bunch level honesty, however it is not a scam. These compensated visitors schemes have their location in the realm of internet company, and they're able to serve you in the event that you've already built up an online enterprise and need a few quick, inexpensive, very low traffic traffic.

But if you believe that you can build an empire by throwing a couple of dolla  bills at a hamster wheel of paid clicks, then think again.

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