Skinny Body Care Reviews 2017 – legit or scam?

Name: Skinny Body Care

Owner: Ben Glinsky


Price: $69.95 (minimum to start)

Overall Rating: 2/5 Stars

Skinny Body Care is a health network marketing company with a line of cosmetic and beauty products which are manufactured in ultra-modern facilities using natural and pure ingredients.

They offer a fairly innovative compensation program, which makes Skinny Body Care a popular chance for moms who wish to work at home.

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Skinny Body Care includes a network of dedicated distributors that are committed to health, wellness, and beauty (see: Herbalife, BeautiControl, or Sunrider).

The business was established in 2010; Ben Glinsky, founder and CEO, hosts monthly conference calls about business news.

Distributors who sell these products directly to customers are supported through conference calls conducted weekly by group leaders, and regular regional and national meetings.

By selling through distributors who can work at home, Skinny Body Care reduces overhead and can divert those funds to product research and development.


Skinny Body Care promotes weight loss, weight management, and skincare products directly to customers through its distributors. While the amount of goods Skinny Body Care sells might appear limited, it's closely focused on health and well being.

And do not allow the heavily hot pink site fool you -- these products are not aimed at girls only!The provider's weight loss and weight management products include Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Max diet supplements, also HiBurn8, taken once daily before bed for people seeking to shed weight while they sleep.

Ageless and Immediate Youth, anti-aging and anti inflammatory skin care formulas, can help customers look as beautiful as they feel.

Two capsules with a glass of water before meals

Boost your metabolism

Enzyme-based formula


Syrup formula

Taken nightly


Characteristics Collagen, Glycosaminoglycans, and Elastin, plus natural fruit and vegetable extracts

Prompts cell renewal which may foster younger looking skin

Minimizes signs of aging skin, from wrinkles to enlarged pores

Works immediately

Effects last for hours

Anti-oxidant formula

Ingredients include Retinol and Ceramides

Products may be sold in individual bottles and jars, but to get the best price, it is possible to buy them in multiples, such as bonus packs and value packs of six or three at a time, in a cost savings.

Customers may register for auto-ship and get their preferred products monthly, automatically. Skinny Body Care products are offered with a money-back guarantee.

Compensation Plan

The reimbursement details are so important, they say it twice (no joke -- the first sentence about the proportions paid for reimbursement is repeated on the site). Products are assigned a business volume (BV), and vendors earn a commission based on the BV amount they sell.

Commissions progressively increase as vendors' sales and vendors' downline organization earnings increase; commissions are based on product sales alone.

Skinny Body Care offers various compensation plans, from the Fast-Start Enroller bonus and Fast Start commissions into the Monthly Enroller bonuses; a few of them even pay weekly.

Residual commissions make it possible for you to earn income elsewhere based on the hard work you do now to present Skinny Body Care to new clients who become distributors themselves.New distributors may qualify for many levels of commission through a number of applications.

By way of instance, let's say you sell 1 product bundle with a 50BV on your first month; you will earn 40% Fast Start Enroller Bonuses, or $20. Get an extra 10 percent for every customer you earn on your first degree, and you may earn a total of 50% that month, or $25.

Then, add to that your Fast Start Commission of 10%. These commissions are paid weekly. Added commissions can be found as your position in your team increases, also; added commissions may be paid monthly.

While potential earnings can't be guaranteed, there is a strong chance for reimbursement through several levels of downline distributors -- all of the details are posted on the business website, if you're able to get through the sometimes dry program descriptions.

Distributors are subject to a fees and minimums; for instance, there's a site activation fee of $10 (paid only once), and vendors must maintain at least 50BV worth of sales per month to keep distributorship. (With an off month? No problem.

Personal sales are okay but not mandatory.)Distributors have the liberty to sell through many different outlets, per the business's policies and procedures manual.

Business training materials and regular conference calls with staff leaders dedicated to growing your company and sharing new product information can help distributors succeed.

Distributors are subject to a code of behavior; ethical business practices are summarized. The contract renews yearly, and for people who already have set up themselves as a business entity, that is ok, too.

Skinny Body Care distributors function as independent contractors in order that they have the flexibility to run a home based company and set their own hours.

The policies and procedures manual is well worth a read -- it includes details on how and when vendors get paid, stock, ordering procedures, the auto-ship program, the business's return/refund policy, and much more.


Skinny Body Care's exclusive Skinny Fiber, Skinny Body Max, HiBurn8, Ageless, and Immediate Youth health and health products can be found only through business distributors.

These products are made with natural ingredients, and available in single bottles and jars in addition to money-saving packs of six and three, with an auto-ship option also. Customer satisfaction is assured with a money-back guarantee.

If you are interested in owning your own company devoted to health and wellbeing, getting distributor opens up a number of compensation plans based on earnings, with the choice for picking up extra bonuses and commissions based on your downline organization's earnings.

The firm's website provides a brief description of its products, together with information about distributor opportunities, including business support, policies and procedures, and compensation plans.

However, it's the same sad story of selling an chance to generate money, where the few at the top get all of the profits and the remainder of the 99% are left to fight for the scraps. The MLM business is flawed.

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