The Target Affiliate Program: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

When I was first starting out as an affiliate marketer, I stumbled upon an assortment of affiliate partnerships. As a newcomer, I was not really certain which program was the best, but even quite new affiliate marketers seem to understand about Amazon Associates. This is one of the biggest, most respected, and many well known affiliate programs.

The second affiliate program I want to cover in this article is the Target Affiliate Program, a partnership with the brick and mortar retail giant Target. The Target affiliate program ended up on my radar once I saw some advertisements on Facebook promoting their affiliate program, so I decided to research further it and write review.

That having been said, is the Target affiliate program a feasible solution for former Amazon Associates? Who can really benefit from shifting to Target?

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The Target Affiliate Program’s Commission Structure

The huge uproar against Amazon Associates came when they shifted their commission structure in 2017. Individuals who once earned the maximum rate due to their volume of sales were banished into the lowest earnings because of promoting goods falling in a specific category.

Commissions using the Target affiliate program will also be divided by class, as with Amazon Associates. However, the more monthly internet orders you refer, the greater the commission rate goes.

Commissions vary from 1% to 8 percent, depending on which class you are in and the amount of sales you refer each month.

Apparel & Accessories and Home & Outdoor Living provide the best commissions, beginning at 5 percent and going up to 8 percent as soon as you're speaking over 10,001 earnings per month. Baby Gear & Furniture reaches a high of 5 percent, while Health & Beauty remains low at 1 percent.

You might also get bonuses when folks begin a wedding, baby or faculty registry, or when they register for a REDcard. You may see the full commission arrangement for Goal here.

The Best Features of This Target Affiliate Program

A Large Selection of Products

Target has a large assortment of products that you market on your site. Target is called an everything-store, and many affiliates can make this program work for them, regardless of what niche they concentrate in.

However, as we mentioned previously, just four categories will really earn commission for affiliates.

7-Day Tracking using an Intriguing Bonus

While monitoring on Amazon is a gloomy 24 hours, the Goal affiliate program incorporates 7-day tracking cookies on all affiliate links. That means you've got a much greater prospect of getting commission from a buy!

Additionally, the Target affiliate program has an interesting bonus: You will get paid commission on any purchase that is made during those 7 days, not only on the initial purchase.

By way of instance, let's say someone clicks on your link now. Tomorrow, they wind up buying what you recommended. You'll receive commission, not only for the first buy but for the moment too!

Target's affiliate program provides product widgets, banners and other creative material for affiliates to use together with their links. In actuality, there are over 150 distinct banners available for use!

These banners are continuously updated. This manner, you may keep your users updated on sales, promotions or new product available within the online shop. The Ups and Downs of the Target Affiliate Program

Pros and Cons


  • Average commission Prices.

  • Dedicated affiliate management staff. Questions? Take them directly to Target's committed staff, and you will find a prompt reaction.

  • Vast Array of products to market.

  • Reputable brand. Goal is well-known in the Usa. This will help your conversion rates, as you are encouraging people to purchase from a place they already know and trust.

  • Easy signup for several websites. If you are an affiliate with several websites, it's simple to begin on Target's affiliate program. When you apply, just list all of the websites you wish to use, and they will all be approved for affiliate marketing.

  • Alternatives for creatives. With more than 150 up-to-date banners, other than other creative materials, affiliates have a lot to put on their site.


  • By way of instance, Health & Beauty has just a 1 percent commission, while many other classes will not make any commission in any respect.

  • Diminished conversion speed compared to Amazon. Amazon dominates the online trade industry. Since Target is more known as a brick-and-mortar shop, your conversion rates will most likely be lower with them.

  • Program is conducted through Impact Radius.

  • Has to be led to a US marketplace. While sites from other countries are permitted in the program, their content has to be led at a US audience, since Target is a US store. 

Who Can Really Benefit from Using the Target Affiliate Program?

So is the Target affiliate program a really rewarding alternative to Amazon Associates? Who may benefit from shifting over?

You would like the application that will earn you greater commissions. So how do both of these websites compare?

Presently, apparel and accessory items make a flat 7 percent commission on Amazon. On the Target affiliate site, if you refer between 301-1000 sales monthly in that category, you will be earning the same as with Amazon. But if you refer over 10,001 sales, you will earn an 8 percent commission.

On Amazon, home products earn 8 percent commission, while outside products only Make 5.5%. With the Target affiliate program, you could be earning anywhere from 5 percent to 8 percent in these two categories, based on the number of sales you refer.

Moreover, the infant category on Amazon was reduced to a 4.5 percent commission. From the Target affiliate program, you could earn up to five %.

Between 4.5 percent to 10 percent with Amazon Associates. (The higher commission is just for Meanwhile, Target will only give you a 1 percent commission


You should consider changing to the Target affiliate program if:

  • Your primary focus group is apparel, accessories, outside or infant products.
  • Your audience is mainly from America.

You shouldn't consider changing to the Target Affiliate program should:

  • You refer hardly any sales per month.
  • Your market is not among the higher-paying categories mentioned previously.
  • Your audience is not based in America.
  • Evidently, each affiliate must consider their own personal circumstances. If you are stuck in an low-commission class in Amazon and refer a good quantity of sales each month, then switching to Target may be a wise move for you.
  • Particularly in the apparel, accessories and outdoor classes, you will see a huge improvement in commission rate.

However, each affiliate should weigh the above factors when making a determination.

Some Affiliate Program you can enjoy

General Merchandise

eBay Partner Network: You can typically find just about everything on eBay that you can on Amazon, which makes this a potentially great affiliate program to select if you advertise various unique products on your site and want to convert as many of your links as you can to one merchant to focus your marketing efforts. EBay calls this new app Quality Click Pricing. EBay says sites that drive high traffic traffic stand to make the most money for every click. Affiliate Connection: provides a base commission of 3% on earnings, but the commission rate goes up to 6 percent, 8 percent or 10% on many popular product categories such as books, groceries, office supplies, music, sporting goods, toys, pet jewelry and supplies. Based on what you advertise on your site, you might never find the lower 3% commission fee. The affiliate tracking cookie has a length of 15 days -- Amazon's cookie lasts only 3 days -- and you can purchase through your own affiliate links to save money.

Wal-Mart Affiliate Program: Wal-Mart has been an attractive site for shoppers to see; many individuals live near Wal-Mart shops, and the web site offers free or inexpensive shipping to the local shop for the majority of purchases. Wal-Mart's monitoring cookie has a period of 3 days, and the affiliate program pays a commission of 4 percent on sales of merchandise like toys, home and garden, sports, apparel, jewelry and gifts. Other categories such as computers, electronics, video games and websites have a 1 percent commission rate. Since Wal-Mart already has a physical presence in California, it's not influenced by the affiliate tax law. Subscribe to LinkShare.


Best Buy Affiliate Program: Best Buy already collects sales tax where required, so its affiliate program isn't affected by California's affiliate nexus taxation law. Best Buy offers a three % commission rate on several product categories such as TVs, digital cameras, home theater systems, video game hardware, books, music and films. However, the commission fee on desktop computers is simply 1%. No commission is supplied for notebooks or netbooks.

Newegg Affiliate Program: Newegg is among the most respected sellers of computers, computer hardware and other electronic equipment online. They generally achieve high conversion rates due to their reputation for low prices, quick shipping and great customer service. The drawback of Newegg's affiliate program, however, is that the commission rate starts at only 1%. You get permanent commission rate rises when your all-time full sales reach $200,000 (1.5 percent), $400,000 (2%) and $800,000 (2.5 percent). The tracking cookie has a length of 7 days, and the business's affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction.

Music, Movies, Books and Games

iTunes Affiliate Program: iTunes is the biggest music retailer in america, and it looks like practically everyone owns an iPod. Along with movies and music, getting an iTunes affiliate permits you to market App Store applications and e-books to Mac, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone owners. If you promote media products on your site, and your readers aren't shy about buying products in digital as opposed to physical formats, that is one of the best affiliate programs which you ought to think about joining. The iTunes affiliate cookie has a duration of 3 days, and iTunes pays a 5 percent commission on all sales. Subscribe through LinkShare.

Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program: Barnes & Noble pays a 6 percent commission on sales of media such as books, music, videos, toys and games. Additionally, B&N markets the Nook e-Book readers, one of those Amazon Kindle's leading competitors. Since Barnes & Noble already has a physical presence in California, the business isn't influenced by the affiliate nexus law. Subscribe through LinkShare.

Home Goods

Home Depot Affiliate Program: If you advertise home improvement Items on your website, consider joining the Home Depot affiliate program. Home Depot Provides a base commission rate of 3%, which can quickly add up given the Cost of home improvement projects. Many people would consider purchasing from Home Depot first for home goods, so you may experience higher commission rates than You want with Amazon. The downside is that Home Depot's affiliate cookie includes a Duration of only 1 day. California.

Department Stores

Macy’s Affiliate Program offers a 3 % commission on all sales and contains a tracking cookie period of 10 days. Subscribe through LinkShare.

Sears Affiliate Program: Sears has a 2 % base commission rate on sales generated by affiliates, even though the rate varies and is a lot higher for certain products. By way of instance, the commission fee for jewellery is 7%. The tracking cookie length is five days. Sears is a business that lots of individuals go to for major purchases such as home gyms, tools and yard equipment, which means you stand to achieve a high conversion rate if you market products in one of these categories.


Amazon Associates is not dead yet. In Fact, it is still quite a good alternative for many affiliate marketers.

But what if you are not terribly Satisfied with either program?

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