Vasayo Review 2017: Earn money Is Legit or scam?

Do I Recommend Vasayo?

​As with just about any company -- there's the potential to earn money from Vasayo. However, Vasayo only offers five Products, all of which are types of nutritional supplements. The business also has a rather complicated compensation program with 18 distinct positions to progress through.

The business's unusual distribution system and newness might increase your odds of earning long-term earnings from Vasayo but the odds still are not great. Instead, you would be much better turning into something like affiliate marketing.

​What Products Does Vasayo Sell?

The range of unique products that are intended to support optimum health. There are a variety of companies that do Something similar, though they tend to follow various approaches. In the event of Vasayo, the item choice itself is small,with only five unique alternatives.

Two of these products are rather traditional supplements. One of These is intended to enhance brain function (known as Microlife Neuro), While another is a general multivitamin (known as Microlife Core Essentials)

The idea itself is not unusual, and there aren't any countless distinct multivitamins on the market. Likewise, MicrolifeNeuro is merely a nootropic, and the nootropics area is a large one too.The other products are either microgels or micro mists.

These are essentially still supplements; they are just delivered inAnother way. By way of instance, the choice below contains a number of the ingredients common in energySupplements, such as green tea leaf extract and guarana seed extract.

Likewise, the sleeping product comprises melatonin.The company does Assert that the products stand out Due to the, In theory, this should increase absorption oraccessibility, giving people more benefits from the goods.

Layers, which prevents them from being ruined by the digestive tract. This all sounds great, in theory. My problem is That there is no indication of whether or not the strategy works. The site itself just provides a fairly straightforward description and I can not find links to one study.I don't know about you, but I want to see some real proof.

After Asking for evidence does not appear unreasonable.Beyond this delivery system, the products available are only supplements. There is certainly nothing very unusual about The components that they contain or about the underlying concept.

For that matter, they are also fairly expensive supplements, which range from approximately $50 to a little over $60.That is a decent amount of cash to cover, especially when the goods Only offer you a month's supply -- and people May be carrying multiple Nonetheless, it is not extraordinary.

I have seen other brands with similar costs And some clients do assume that higher costs mean that the grade is better.

Selling Vasayo Products

In many ways, the item selection makes Vasayo a rather challenging organization to promote. After all, supplements are Everywhere these days and several men and women attempt to sell supplements online also.

Whatever the brand,supplements often contain lots of the exact ingredients, meaning that the benefits are often similar also.The one thing which Vasayo has in its favor is that the unusual delivery system. Even though there's very little evidence that

This is more effective -- a few folks can be considering the concept anyway. And, there's always the possibility that thedelivery system does increase absorption, which may then promote health.

So, the amount of competition makes selling Vasayo supplements harder but not always impossible. To be prosperous,you'd need to have the ability to convince people that Vasa's delivery system is strong and truly is exceptional.Plus, lots of men and women take numerous nutritional supplements, so the need exists.

With all of this in mind, I suggest taking the time to consider your potential audience. By way of instance, do you know People who use supplements regularly or merchandise for energy or sleep? If so, you might have the ability to convert Them over to Vasyao.

In contrast, if the majority of your social connections tend to steer clear of nutritional supplements, making headway for this business would be harder.

Is Vasayo A Good Business Opportunity?

That's particularly true for nutritional supplements, where the demand remains high. A fantastic compensation plan will provide you more opportunities to make an income, even though a bad one can indicate that you are struggling to break even.

Unsurprisingly, Vasayo appears to think that it's a wonderful plan -- one that provides significant benefits.The most elementary aspect here is commission, and providers get 20% commissions on the sales that they make. This is not an unusual figure but it's a bit on the low end for an MLM.​

The company also boasts that there's not any forced authorship, so you are not stuck making the same order monthly.But, that being said, there is still a necessity to remain active. This means that you have to purchase or sell 80 CV of merchandise monthly .​

Vasayo doesn't offer CV advice for the individual goods, making it more challenging to understand what the monthly Price is. But, their lowest priced pack of merchandise is $329 and supplies 240 CV.​

If the same ratio holds, then You would have to spend around $110 a month to achieve the CV you require. Spending the minimum would also require a little juggling, since the majority of the goods are about $50.​

The one benefit is that this CV is buys or sales. This implies that you would not need to buy any product whatsoever if You can make a few sales monthly. That is not too bad since most similar businesses ask you to make personal Purchases too. Nonetheless, the plan is not entirely clear here, so there might still be the need to purchase products and the firm could also add that requirement in the future.​

Theoretically, your earnings would increase too, so the increased requirements are not horrible. However, they aresomething to be conscious of.

In addition to reimbursement for earnings, Vasayo does provide bonuses only for sales, if you have sufficient activecustomers. That bonus is not high enough to create sales alone a wonderful way to make money.​

​The Team Aspect

This design means that you need to rely on your sales and recruitment, in addition to the efforts of your group members. But, you are also earning money from the success of your group members. So, for those who have a large and powerful enough staff, the potential for earnings is high.

Additionally, there are various bonuses tied to the structure. To do this, Vasayo employs a fairly common binary Structure, which you can view here. The numbers are not important, but the idea is that you will need to develop and balance two unique legs on your team.

The other point to mention is rankings. Going up positions is sort of like being promoted in a traditional business. Each new position increases the amount of income you can earn but also comes with many requirements.And, for Vasayo, these get complex fast.

For that matter, there are 18 positions to take into account.The many areas of prerequisites are as follows. You can discover more about the conditions by reading the firm's real settlement plan but it's not a great sign when even the prerequisites are tough to comprehend.

Personal Volume

Active Customers

PE Active L/R Count

Lesser Leg Volume

PET Volume

PET-V Max Per Leg

Consecutive Weeks

Qualified Leg Req.

The final result is that you will need a particular team structure and amounts of sales to advance through the ranks and to Make bonuses. The higher positions will also be where the most income possible is.

As a result of this, you likely would not make all that much money only selling goods. That approach could be fine if You just need a little cash on the side -- although you could go at any MLM if that were the case. But, if you would like to attempt to earn a living from Vasayo, team building would be essential.

Many distributors find that there's a substantial quantity of management also involved, particularly as your team develops.

This group component is why countless folks become involved with MLMs, but comparatively few are successful in the Long term. In practice, obtaining a team that's large and productive enough is quite difficult, especially for individuals With no prior sales experience.

Achieving that outcome also entails putting in a significant quantity of work, something you will need to know about right from the start.

The Company Itself

At that moment, the MLM was in its early stages, and there was not much information available about what the payment the plan was or how much money people could create.

Since that time, Vasayo has released its compensation plan on the internet, making it a lot easier to get a grasp on what The provider offers. Myself, I am not overly excited about the program. It's fairly typical for an MLM, including all the ranks and prerequisites that I've come to expect.

The principal disadvantage is that the goods are still relatively unheard of. As a result, individuals might not trust them or The business as a whole. There's also more unknowns using a new firm. By way of instance, you do not know whether They will stick around in the long term or even if they will turn a profit. So, there's significant risk involved.

Nevertheless, the more recent nature of this company does imply that there are fewer vendors than for MLMs which Have been around for several years. This may be a benefit and increases the opportunity for building a fantastic team.One final issue is that there are no guarantees. If you wanted to make a full-time income from any MLM (such as Vasayo),

Then you would want to devote a substantial quantity of time. But, there aren't any means of knowing whether the organization will remain around or how the payment program will change later on.

And, since you are working for one company, there is not much you can do to protect yourself. This is one reason why I favor methods like affiliate marketing. At least with this, you can work with some companies and hedge your bets somewhat.

Final Review

Well, overall Vasayo does not appear to be a scam or anything...

They'll be launching a firm with retail products in the nutritional supplement and nutritional niche...

However, there's just not enough information for me to make a correct decision because I don't know how well the products work, and I don't know how much they cost...

I'd personally hold off till they launch so that you can try the products and find out how they work for you.Additionally, make sure that the products they're selling are competitively priced in the overall marketplace.

If they're way overpriced, you'll have a difficult time selling them...

If they're similarly priced, and the goods do as they say, then you'll be in good form.

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